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UL Raises the Bar for Sustainable Mobile Devices

December 9, 2013


MARIETTA, Ga., December 9, 2013—UL Environment, a business unit of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), announces today that it has released new sets of sustainability requirements for tablets and wireless hot spots. Both sets of requirements are based on its UL 110 standard, which was UL’s first collaborative effort to develop a sustainability standard for mobile phones. Now, UL 2841 for Slate Style Tablets and UL 2853 for Mobile Hotspots ensure that these additional mobile devices are evaluated for environmental impacts in the same way that UL 110 has effectively measured sustainability criteria in mobile phones.


“Extending the reach of our sustainability standards to encompass a wider range of the mobile device category is a natural outcome of our mission of advancing greater health and safety,” said Lisa Meier, Vice President and General Manager, UL Environment. “We are continuing to support the key sustainability priorities of manufacturers and purchasers of mobile devices by improving market access to those devices demonstrating a reduced environmental impact.” The UL standards development process encourages innovation and excellence by establishing a baseline level for environmental design and performance, as well as a tiered approach that rewards environmental leadership. Products that demonstrate exceptional performance are recognized with the highest tier of achievement, designated as “Platinum” certification. UL’s environmental requirements for “environmentally preferable” mobile devices include, but are not limited to: environmentally sensitive materials, energy management, manufacturing and operations, impact to health and environment, product performance, packaging, and product stewardship.



UL is working closely with a number of manufacturers to complete certification to UL 2841. Novatel Wireless Inc. is the first manufacturer to achieve ECOLOGO® Platinum Certification to UL 2853 for its Mifi®5580. Once a mobile device has achieved ECOLOGO Certification it is listed in UL’s Sustainable Product Guide. Certified mobile devices can also carry the ECOLOGO Certification mark, indicating they’ve successfully completed the certification process, and allowing consumers to easily find those phones at point of purchase.



Sprint was one of the key stakeholders involved in the development of UL 110, and has played a critical role in the adoption of these criteria for mobile phones by requiring that all of its postpaid and prepaid handsets go through the UL Environment certification process. Similarly, Sprint has encouraged certification to UL 2841 and UL 2853. UL Environment intends to present these certification requirements for consideration to a UL Standards Technical Panel for consideration as an ANSI standard. Standards Technical Panels are comprised of stakeholders such as manufacturers, government entities, non-governmental organizations and consumer interest groups.



“It’s exciting to see the standard we helped develop for mobile phones being used to influence other wireless products,” said David Owens, head of Sprint’s Product Team. “Setting standards that drives third-party certification of eco-friendly devices will only drive further adoption, resulting in more sustainable products and a better environment for all of us."



Click on either link (UL 2841, UL 2853) to view or download copies of the certification requirements from COMM 2000.



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