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UL Opens New Facility in Vietnam

May 10, 2016

UL has opened a new facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to meet the growing demand for regional quality assurance services for textiles, apparel, footwear and toys.
UL Consumer and Retail Services Ho Chi Minh City facility will serve as the Southeast Asia hub, and coordination center for UL’s regional business, providing local support to manufacturers and suppliers, and global brands to help ensure the quality, safety, and regulatory compliance of their products.
This new 1,300 square meter facility offers a comprehensive suite of testing, inspection and responsible sourcing services that also includes a dedicated local technical support and client service team, as well as sample pick up service in HCMC.  Our softlines and toys experts are on hand to perform chemical and physical testing, quality inspections, and manufacturing audits to help you mitigate supply chain risk, optimize products, and manage brand compliance.
The facility provides a wide-range of quality assurance services for the following categories:
•  Adult and Children’s Clothing
•  Accessories
•  Footwear
•  Home Textiles
•  Toys and Children’s Products
•  Toy Premiums
UL test programs address all the components of the textile supply chain to assure products are safe, and manufactured to brand standards. Our inspection and factory audit solutions use industry and government standards to help you understand your factory’s quality systems, production capabilities, as well as monitor social compliance.
For additional information regarding our HCMC services please contact and a UL representative will follow up soon.