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UL Offers a More Complete Solution for Buyers of LSHF Cable by Issuing “Halogen Free” (HF) Safety Certification to Scapa

The Industry Now Has The First Tape Supplier That Can Provide UL HF Recognized Products

January 29, 2018

The use of low-smoke, halogen-free (LSHF) cables in commercial and residential building projects can help reduce equipment damage and reduce smoke toxicity. However, there remains much confusion among manufacturers, product specifiers and contractors about exactly what the LSHF designation means, and the extensive, standards-based testing that is required to ensure that a cable fully complies with LSHF requirements.

Scapa is the first tape supplier to receive UL certification for four (4) fiberglass tapes for use in cables Marked HF and or LSHF. The product has been evaluated in accordance with the latest version of the UL 2885 (IEC 62821 -1 & -2) Standard. The Standard addresses requirements for compounds, components or materials used in cables Marked HF and LSHF.

“By earning certification to UL’s standards-based HF material programs, cable designers can develop new products and materials that will be readily accepted by buyers and regulatory authorities in most jurisdictions around the world,” said LF Lai, vp and general manager of UL’s Wire & Cable business. “Our testing and certification program enables manufacturers, designers and other key stakeholders to substantiate claims through UL’s trusted third-party certification program and offer cables compliant to the latest standard for the benefit of their customers.”

“UL’s HF certification programs provides objective, comprehensive and up-to-date requirements and testing methodologies for the evaluation of cable materials”, outlines Simon Terry, Global Technical Manager for Scapa cable materials, “We believe UL certification is an important step allowing cable makers to confidently select compliant tapes to improve cable performance”.