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UL Offers Free Access to Pandemic Awareness Courses

In response to the global need for reliable information on the COVID-19 pandemic, UL is offering free access a suite of online training courses.

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May 20, 2020

Access to accurate, up-to-date information is a crucial tool for businesses and individuals alike. It can be difficult to assess which sources are reliable, especially when health and safety is at stake. To help, UL is sharing free access to our Pandemic Awareness series courses that contain useful information on handwashing and pandemic awareness specific to COVID-19. You can access our suite of Pandemic Awareness courses for no charge on our site. 

While UL is known for its workplace-specific training, this suite of courses is directed toward anyone who might need more information about the COVID-19 pandemic or benefit from instruction on appropriate handwashing techniques. These courses are offered in English.

To access the free training, individuals should create an account and select the no cost pandemic awareness courses. They are then able to complete the work within UL’s training platform. Users with business accounts can assign training to employees, who will then be notified of the assignment. This notification will have a link to the site and their username, if they already have a training account. Once they sign into their account, they will see the training that has been assigned to them. UL’s platform will keep a record of competed training for this business use.

Safety is at the heart of UL’s mission. We hope that providing free access to these courses help to keep your employees and families safe and healthy.