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UL Notified Body Accredited to Issue Certificates According to GSO 1858/2008 and Latest Standards Editions

The GSO is constantly updating the list of harmonized standards for the issuance of Gulf Type Examination certificates. This article describes the new additions that follow recent publications of IEC standards updated editions.

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September 24, 2020

Written by: Paola Pesconi, Gulf Conformity Marking Program Expert

The Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization (GSO) is constantly updating the list of harmonized standards for the issuance of Gulf Type Examination certificates. The new additions follow recent publications of IEC standards updated editions. See below a summary of the upcoming implementations and latest news.

Product category


Mandatory implementation date

Household food grinders and mixers, fruit or vegetable juice extractors

IEC 60335-2-14:2016+AMD1:2019 (Ed.6.1)

03-27-2021 [postponed to 03-31-2021]

Household electro-thermic hair-dressing apparatus and hand dryers

IEC 60335-2-23:2016+AMD1:2019 (Ed. 6.1)

03-27-2021 [postponed to 03-31-2021]

Household ovens, cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters

IEC 60335-2-6:2014+AMD1:2018 (Ed. 6.1)

05-28-2020 [postponed to 03-31-2021]

IEC 60335-2-15:2012+AMD1:2016+AMD2:2018 (Ed. 6.2)

11-02-2020 [postponed to 03-31-2021]

Household electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters

IEC 60335-2-21:2012+AMD1:2018 (Ed. 6.1)

08-17-2020 [postponed to 03-31-2021]

GSO 1858/2008

for Saudi Arabia only, it can be optionally evaluated in addition to or instead of IEC 60335-2-21

Plugs, socket outlets, adaptors, cord extension sets and chargers

IEC 60335-2-29:2016+AMD1:2019 (Ed. 5.1)

03-29-2021 [postponed to 03-31-2021]

SASO 2203:2018

Mandatory for Saudi Arabia only starting from 02-02-2021 (existing certificates to be updated within the end of 2020)

GSO 2117:2011

Mandatory for Saudi Arabia only starting from 08-06-2020

EMC – Emissions

CISPR 11:2015+AMD1:2016+AMD2:2019 (Ed.6.2)

01-18-2021 [postponed to 03-31-2021]

EMC – Harmonic current emissions*

*recently published

IEC 61000-3-2:2018+AMD1:2020 (Ed. 5.1)


EMC - Generic standards - Emission standard for equipment in residential environments *

IEC 61000-6-3:2020


EMC – Immunity *

CISPR 14-2:2020


*recently published

The GSO 1858/2008, recently added to the list, is applicable to storage water heaters with a capacity less than 200 liters. As a consequence of the announcement made in August by the Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization (GSO), Gulf Type Examination Certificates for storage water heater to be sold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can include, as an option, evaluations according to safety requirements of GSO 1858/2008 and SASO GSO 1858/2012.

We were successfully audited by the GSO and are the first Notified Body officially accredited to carry out all the evaluations and issue Gulf Conformity Marking (G-Mark) certificates covering the GSO 1858/2008.

The knowledge of the requirements, together with an established procedure for the evaluation and testing was crucial for the Notified Body and for UL laboratories to timely obtain the expansion of our accreditation scope.

How we can help

We are an accredited Notified Body for Gulf Type Examination and actively participate in GSO meetings for notified bodies, so we are updated on new requirements and their implementation.

We provide technical expertise through a worldwide network of CB testing laboratories staffed with qualified experts who can deliver technical assessments and reports to cover the latest editions of the applicable international standards.

We can deliver the G-Mark in an effective, reliable way to eliminate risk during surveillance at customs or on the market.

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