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UL at the National Seminar on Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification in Bangladesh


December 15, 2016

On 23rd Nov 2016, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) hosted a National Seminar in Dhaka, Bangladesh and invited more than 170 delegates and technical experts from the textile industry. Nur Alam, Lab Operations and Technical Manager, UL Bangladesh was part of the Panel Discussion on ‘Challenges in Sustainable Supply Chain and Opportunities with GOTS’. The panel discussed major challenges in the organic textile industry, especially in regards to sustainability. In conclusion, moderators summarized that there is lack of training and awareness among employees about sustainable practices. Top management of companies must take a forward-thinking approach and actively engage in implementing these preparations. An important technical aspect is to ensure consistency in quality of raw materials (yarns, fabrics) made from organic fibres and buyers should accept the given quality.

The seminar addressed the challenges and the feasible opportunities in the field of organic textiles for the Bangladesh textile industry. The seminar touched upon both technical and commercial aspects of sustainable textile processing.