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UL Launches Verification Service for “Low Optical Flicker”

March 18, 2016

Milan, Italy; March 14, 2016UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science organization, today announced the launch of its “Low Optical Flicker” marketing claim verification service, and that it has issued the first UL Verified Low Optical Flicker mark to Disano Illuminazione. This new service offering means that lighting products can be tested and verified to meet optimal flicker thresholds for verifiable lighting comfort.

Optical Flicker — the impression of unsteadiness of visual perception induced by a light stimulus whose luminance or spectral distribution fluctuates with time, or the rapid change in light source output over time — is present, to some degree, in nearly all light sources. However, the degree to which flicker can be perceived, or is acceptable, can vary.  If present at high level, and according to individual perception, optical flicker may cause discomfort among users and make a lighting installation unacceptable from a quality perspective.

With this service, lighting manufacturers have a way to distinguish their low flicker products specification and on the shelf with UL’s new Low Optical Flicker claim verification service.  Having developed an internal testing program, which includes specific acceptability limits, UL can offer manufacturers the opportunity to have an independent third-party laboratory verify the validity of claims about the level of Optical Perceived Flicker in their products. Products not exceeding the identified thresholds are eligible to carry the UL Verified Low Optical Flicker Mark, allowing for easy identification and differentiation during product specification.

“UL aims to support manufacturers in their product innovation plans,” said Roberto Inclinati, business development manager with UL’s lighting division. “Manufacturers whose product offers benefits such as low optical flicker should have the opportunity to differentiate their service offerings on the shelf.  Specifiers and purchasers also benefit — not only because they can now easily identify low optical

flicker products for their lighting projects, but also because the third-party verification mark provides peace of mind and helps protect their professional reputation for quality.”

“Our company always puts product quality first,” said Giorgio Sottsass, Marketing Managing Director with Disano Illuminazione.  “Today the evolution of light sources has led to a new concept of quality of light, which must also take into account the effects on health and visual comfort. Flicker can influence both of these factors and for this we are investing in research and development for products with flicker below the risk threshold. It is important for us producers, and for those who buy our products, that this data be tested and certified by an organization such as UL globally. We therefore believe that the new ‘Low Optical Flicker’ Verified mark is an important initiative, which is useful for our market, and we are pleased to have Disano products be the first to earn this credential."

For more information about UL’s Verified Low Optical Flicker service and mark, please visit UL at the Light + Building 2016 in Hall 4.1/Booth D45. You can also email