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UL Launches Legal Cannabis Playbook for Industry Stakeholders

Helping deliver regulatory compliance to the legal cannabis industry.

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November 25, 2020

The demand for legal medical and recreational cannabis products is surging, with a projected market worth up to $103.9 billion (USD) by 2024. Although the legalized cannabis industry is relatively new, growth opportunities emerge daily worldwide. Research by UL shows more than 40 countries have pending legislation addressing some form of legalized cannabis.

Regulatory frameworks are built over time. As technologies change, those frameworks must also evolve to meet an industry’s current needs. However, when an industry is new, regulations must play catch up. With its federally regulated cannabis use, Canada is uniquely positioned to offer global leadership on legalized cannabis considerations based on its collaboration among regulators, government and industry.

UL is helping the effort to bring conformity assessment to this emerging market. We launched unique legal cannabis playbooks recently, one for regulatory authorities and one for the cannabis supply chain.  The playbooks demonstrate how legal cannabis industry participants and stakeholders can create safe and secure business operations while adhering to local regulatory and code requirements. The playbooks also explain how we can help stakeholders in their legal cannabis efforts.

The “Cannabis Playbook for Operating a Safer and More Secure Cannabis Facility” is for legal cannabis entrants or existing cannabis supply chain members who want to understand the regulatory and licensing process. The playbook also provides a list of products or systems typically found in a cannabis facility, identifying applicable UL Certifications.

The “Cannabis Playbook for Authorities Having Jurisdiction” shows regulatory authorities how UL can help stakeholders deliver safe and secure business operations while adhering to local cannabis regulatory and code requirements.  This playbook also includes a list of applicable standards for products customarily associated with a cannabis facility.

Learn more about UL’s advanced cannabis solutions for legal industry stakeholders.

Cannabis Playbook for a Safer, More Secure Cannabis Facility

Understanding the regulatory requirements for the legal cannabis industry is critical to the safety and security of employees and legal cannabis operations. This guide explains Canada’s legislative framework and local cannabis regulatory and code requirements.

Cannabis Playbook for Authorities Having Jurisdiction

Understanding the application of codes, services and standards for the legal cannabis industry is important to Authorities Having Jurisdiction. This guide outlines considerations for developing a legal cannabis framework.


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