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UL Launches Comprehensive Refrigerator Performance Lab in Suzhou

November 8, 2016

On August 23, 2016, UL announced the launch of its Comprehensive Refrigerator Performance Laboratory in Suzhou for the purpose of improving UL’s capability in the Chinese market and offering other providers of refrigeration equipment localized, professional services for performance testing and certification. This laboratory will help customers confidently confront the increasingly demanding requirements associated with entering the global refrigeration product market.

China has one of the fastest growing energy saving industries in the world. Further, China is one of UL’s fastest developing markets regarding energy efficiency testing. The establishment of this lab demonstrates UL’s attention to the Chinese market and customers. Mr. Brian Ferriol (AHL Global Business Director) said, "UL will respond to Chinese government’s advocate to construct an environment-friendly and energy-saving society, help more enterprises to overcome miscellaneous and complicated technical barrier on energy saving to integrate Chinese standards on refrigerating products with international standards and make the domestic products of this type more environment-friendly in order to improve the global competitiveness of Chinese industries."

In the future, UL’s plan to have the facility export-oriented, contributing to the manufacturing-focused Yangtze River Delta and driving development in other parts of China. UL will provide Chinese customers with wide-ranging services for testing and certification, including complete services for conformity to UL standards, safety certification for IEC compliance, prototype and benchmark testing, and indicative solutions to the manufacturing and development of refrigeration equipment and refrigerators. Meanwhile, UL will update Chinese manufacturers on the latest demands in the market and assist them in improving product quality. These efforts will help Chinese manufacturers enter the international market with products that comply with increasingly stringent Asian, European and North American compulsory energy efficiency standards and label requirements.