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UL Laboratory Consolidates for Deeper Collaboration and Customer Service

West Coast performance and safety customers, it’s time to update shipping labels to reflect the consolidation.

Outside picture of UL's laboratory in Brea, California.

November 5, 2020

UL’s Orange County (OC) performance laboratory in Brea, California, is now twice its size due to its recent consolidation with UL’s safety laboratory, also located in Brea. Combining the laboratories allows for increased testing capabilities, customer service efficiencies and deeper collaboration between UL’s safety and performance teams.

“This decision to combine facilities adds to our third-party testing capabilities and acts as a comprehensive service provider benefiting our customers,” said Syed Hamdani, lighting manager for UL’s Lighting business in North America. “Consolidating the laboratories will be less expensive in the long run for the customer as they can now ship only one set of samples, saving themselves time and money.”

Other customer benefits include improved customer communications and location convenience as the newly expanded laboratory is closer to the airport.

With this move comes expanded space — from 18,000 square feet to 38,000 — and more convenience for UL customers. Previously, customers had to send two sets of samples for testing, one for the safety laboratory and one for performance. However, with the combined locations, customers need to ship only one collection of samples now. UL’s laboratory staff can quickly move samples from bench to bench. 

“We’ll be able to answer more questions faster, which will be helpful for our customers,” said Eric Gaudreau, an engineering leader for the laboratory. “Also, a lot of our customers may know about safety testing but not as much about energy efficiency programs. By being closer together, we can better advise customers.”

The new OC laboratory opened Nov. 2, 2020. Customers should update their records and shipping address to reflect the change. The consolidated laboratory address 1075 W. Lambert Road Unit B, Brea, California.

Hamdani, Gaudreau and the rest of the laboratory staff look forward to welcoming its customers to the OC.


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