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UL Issues First Managed Video Monitoring Services Certification in Canada for Remote Guarding via Command and Control

March 27, 2017

Caliber Communications Inc. first in Canada to receive certificate of compliance to UL 827B and UL 827

UL today announced that it has issued the first certificate of compliance in Canada for remote guarding through the use of command and control in accordance to the requirements outlined in UL 827B and UL 827 to Caliber Communications Inc. of Stoney Creek, Ontario.

The scope of UL 827B covers managed video service providers that deliver security services by leveraging video cameras and related video technologies installed at protected properties to form all or part of an electronic security system. The managed video service provider employs staff located at a Managed Video Monitoring Station (Command Center/Central Station) to view video streams, make situation-awareness informed decisions, interact with people or systems at a protected property, notify identified parties of events, or other services as detailed in a written agreement between the managed video service provider and its subscriber. The unique aspect of companies obtaining this certification is the active management of security events and subsequent engagement, including handoff and tactical support to law enforcement, all in real time via command center-based agents executing command and control over the client sites.

“We’re pleased to issue this certification for delivery of remote guarding through the use of the command and control protocol,” said Joe Hosey, general manager of UL in Canada. “UL’s goal is to support innovative market solutions with reliable science-based repeatable testing and certification offerings, as we have done in Canada since 1920. We want to congratulate Caliber Communications Inc. on taking on a market leadership role in this area, as this is UL’s first certification of this kind in Canada.”

As the principal developer of alarm industry standards, UL engages with key stakeholders to develop performance-based methods to measure their application, and to apply innovation to enable faster market access.

Caliber Communications utilizes a patented communication technology that offers modular security units. This communication technology allows for the integration of any surveillance equipment required to secure even the most challenging sites. Caliber manufactures, installs, services and monitors all of its own units and equipment.

“Our clients can now manage their sites more effectively in real time and keep us accountable to them as their service provider.  Our mission from the onset was to raise the bar for remote guarding within the security industry and we chose UL to be part of this journey with us,” said Alex Vourkoutiotis, president and founder of Caliber Communications Inc. “We identified several limitations within the remote guarding industry as it existed prior to Caliber Communications Inc.  We pioneered and patented a world class wireless communication platform to facilitate and revolutionize the remote monitoring process to address these issues.  Custom developed software accessible on all IT platforms and devices operates in conjunction with our communication platform. We are changing the way our clients view security and the future of the remote guarding industry forever.”

Qualified monitoring stations undergo an audit during each calendar year by UL’s audit staff in order to verify continued compliance. Such audits assess both the monitoring station facility and the delivery of services to subscribers who have been issued UL Monitoring Certificates.

To learn more about UL’s testing and certification for compliance to UL 827 B and UL 827, please visit To speak with an expert, please complete this form and select “Life Safety” from the drop down. You may also email Peter Tallman, Program Manager for alarm certificate services at