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UL Experts Clarify Global Regulatory Updates for Toys

Global regulations in the toy industry are constantly evolving. Find out the last updates for ISO, EN, and ASTM standards.

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March 30, 2021

Following a webinar, Global Regulatory Updates for Toys: ISO, EN and ASTM, UL interviewed its toy experts to offer important further details and insights about the latest changes. Below you will find the complete interview.

Question: Are the ISO 8124-1 requirements for flying toys now aligned with EN 71-1?

UL expert: Yes, this is correct. Please note that the ISO standards are very much pursuing an international alignment. In this regards, if you are interested in understanding the differences or similarities between EN 71-1, ISO 8124-1, and ASTM F 963, I suggest you refer to the “ISO Safety of toys — Part 9: Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties — Comparison of ISO 8124-1, EN 71-1 and ASTM F963” which is providing a clear and extensive comparison of the physical-mechanical requirements in the three standards.

Question: In Europe, when we can expect to have a new list of harmonized standards to the Safety of Toys Directive?

UL expert: Unfortunately we do not have information on a clear date on which the new standards will be harmonized to the European Safety of Toys Directive 2009/48/EC. We keep monitoring the Official Journal of the European Union and we will update all subscribers of our newsletter as soon as the new list of harmonized standards will be published.

Question: Is it correct to say that the European Standard EN 71-2 is including more severe requirements for flammability now?

UL expert: Yes, this is correct. The new standard includes more severe requirements especially for disguise costumes and toys intended to be worn by a child in play. These modifications were introduced after an incident occurred related to the flammability of a disguise costume. This situation has highlighted a need to improve the safety requirements.

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