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UL Expands Certification Capabilities in Australia and New Zealand

Manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) or those selling into this market now have a more convenient certification option via the UL-AU Mark.

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January 18, 2021

UL has expanded its third-party product certification Scheme that now includes the following active and passive fire protection products which may increase speed to market and improve customer service:


  • Smoke alarms
  • Fire detection and alarms
  • Fire alarm panels


  • Structural steel protection
  • Doors, shutters and access panels
  • Firestopping
  • Air duct protection

The UL-AU Mark is a specific solution for Australia and represents certification to local regulatory requirements including relevant Australian Standards, complementing UL’s established certifications globally.

This UL-AU Mark communicates a product’s compliance with Australian safety requirements and allows customers to easily bundle the UL-AU Mark with UL Marks for other relevant geographies. Bundling is especially beneficial for companies selling into both Australia and the European Union for example where there are similarities in compliance requirements.  Bundling can potentially reduce cost, time and effort.

New entries to market can be a slow, expensive and sometimes frustrating process, especially when time to market is vital for a successful product launch. To help customers streamline their pathway in Australia, UL can now offer testing and certification for local market access and deliver a trusted UL Mark that supports products entering the Australian market.

UL1 has been independently accredited by the Joint Accreditation Scheme of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) for certification schemes in Australia for more than 10 years. The UL-AU Mark scheme sets a new standard for product certification in the built environment as an ISO/IEC 17067.Type 3/5 scheme including production surveillance, delivering much needed confidence to the Australian market regarding product conformity.

All UL-AU Mark certifications are performed by our world-renowned technical experts.  Ongoing compliance with local market requirements is confirmed by factory inspections as part of production surveillance. Beyond the UL-AU Mark, our certification program delivers a report of testing results, a factory inspection report for all locations manufacturing a UL-AU Certified product and a certificate of compliance. This information can be monitored via the exclusive myULTM Portal providing a real time digital interface between the customer and UL to manage documentation, results, payments and status.

The UL-AU Mark Scheme represents a new benchmark for voluntary product certification and compliments other UL listings already accepted in the ANZ market.

UL’s technical leadership, expertise and independence has been integral to enabling fire and life safety technology advancement since 1894.  We have invested in local resources and developed product certification that includes test, inspection and surveillance rigor to restore stakeholder confidence in product conformity and compliance in the ANZ market.  The UL-AU Mark Scheme is managed in-region by personnel with deep industry experience, including a local certification team.     

UL’s solution enables suppliers to bring products to market efficiently, to mitigate compliance risk and to differentiate themselves with product certification from the safety science leader. The UL-AU Mark Scheme provides globally recognized identification of certified product through use of the Enhanced UL Mark, combined with a specific identifier for the Australian market and the option to use new Smart UL Mark QR technology linking physical product to UL’s public online certification directory, Product iQTM.

The customer advantages of UL’s certification for Australia and the UL-AU Mark are clear:

  • Faster access to markets through quicker turnaround time
  • A single point of contact to bundle certifications for multiple geographies, especially for products destined for both Australia and the European Union due to similarities in requirements
  • A globally respected UL Mark
  • ISO/IEC 17067 Type 3/5 scheme including production surveillance delivered by JAS-ANZ accredited certification body for direct acceptance under the National Construction Code of Australia
  • Access to digital customer management interface myULTM
  • Product marking linking to UL’s digital product certifications directory Product iQTM
  • Confidence and trust in product conformity with certification conducted by an independent and objective third-party

The UL-AU Mark brings credibility to the market, meeting demand for confidence that products and systems achieve the applicable regulatory and market requirements for Australia. To find out more, visit or contact us at

UL1: UL International New Zealand Limited