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UL Expands Accreditation Scope for Softlines Testing in United Kingdom

July 19, 2016

UL VS Ltd. has expanded its softlines accreditation scope to include a broad range of textiles consumer goods ranging from fabric samples to finished products, including flammability testing.

The global regulatory landscape for textile products is becoming increasingly complex. New regulations are introduced each year and current regulations are ever-changing, creating challenges to ensure compliance across all products, particularly when destined for global markets.

UL can help ensure our clients meet consumer demand for high quality products whilst helping to minimize reputational risk, reduce supply chain issues, and assist in establishing quality control processes to an exacting standard. Furthermore, by applying the trusted and standardized UL client centric testing protocols, we assist in safeguarding the interests of retailers, brands, textile manufacturers, and most importantly, consumers.

Our experienced softlines experts are well versed in regulations and have extensive industry knowledge to answer your detailed and ever-pressing questions and satisfy your testing requirements ̶  all available from our UK-based location.

Expertise comprises apparel for children and adults including jeans, sweaters, and outerwear, and home furnishings including bedding, curtains, furniture fabric, and rugs.

To view the complete list of our UKAS accredited test methods click HERE.