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UL Environment Launches New Sustainability Consulting Services

June 8, 2015

Advisory Services team helps brands take charge of their sustainability strategies to lead in the market

UL Environment, a business division of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), today announced its redesigned sustainability consulting offerings, delivered by the UL Environment Advisory Services team. Led by Dr. Angela Griffiths, the Advisory Services team includes highly experienced project managers and leading scientists with a deep background in sustainability, corporate responsibility and environmental science.  The team’s combined expertise provides a unique level of support to enterprises as they navigate the new challenges of corporate sustainability in order to translate environmental leadership into greater market share and increased profitability. UL’s new range of sustainability services includes:

  • Validating corporate-branded sustainability portfolios or programs (e.g., waste diversion programs, environmental footprints)
  • Promoting the integration of sustainable thinking into new product development processes through staff training (e.g., design for sustainability)
  • Empowering innovative sustainability claims
  • Establishing sustainability strategies to achieve corporate and environmental goals
  • Enabling sustainable sourcing for retailers and buyers
  • Linking product or portfolio sustainable value propositions to customer needs, and enabling product differentiation and selection
  • Supporting the development of sustainability marketing claims and messaging strategies to convey compelling and credible value in the marketplace.

“Our goal is not to dictate what a corporation should be doing, but to help a business examine its goals and needs, and then use those goals to inform the strategy,” said Dr. Angela Griffiths, director of the Advisory Services group. “Companies have a wealth of possible directions when it comes to charting their sustainability plan. We help provide a roadmap that aligns with their overall business goals to help them set the optimal course.” To learn more about UL Environment’s sustainability services offerings, click here or email [email protected].

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