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UL Create™ Announces New Release of Key Productivity Features

UL Solutions announces the new release of its cloud-based, rapid e-Learning authoring tool - UL Create.

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January 12, 2023

UL Solutions, a world leader in applied safety science, announces the new release of its cloud-based, rapid e-Learning authoring tool—UL Create. With UL Create, both learning and training professionals can efficiently build and publish e-Learning content. You can use or modify existing UL courses or develop your own content from scratch.

UL Create’s easy-to-use interface makes e-Learning course creation easy: simply add your own audio, documents, graphics, images, links, text or video. UL Create courses are easily published to UL’s industry-leading Learning and Compliance Management System, ComplianceWire®. Customers who don’t have ComplianceWire can use UL Create to develop SCORM content that can be readily integrated with any SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

“UL Create is becoming a platform that empowers training teams to author professional and effective e-learning content without having to be an authoring tool expert,” said Mike Lawrence, senior digital product manager with the Product Lifecycle group at UL Solutions. Lawrence, who leads the product management for the ComplianceWire and UL Create software platforms, continued, “UL Create effectively democratizes content creation to allow your local subject matter experts to rapidly capture and share critical knowledge and know-how with their colleagues.”

Some key new features released are the ability to import Microsoft PowerPoint format files, new multi-column format templates, improved course headers and a variety of navigational and editing improvements. UL Create is the only tool on the market that allows customers to modify and augment ComplianceWire’s regulatory content, which has been co-developed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with their own material. The ability to add customer-created content to a ComplianceWire course allows customers to localize e-learning content—making it more relevant to their specific location, product or process. Additionally, key features of the cloud-based platform are the collaboration and versioning, which are needed for a life sciences client, who must comply with 21 CFR Part 11.

UL Solutions will be hosting a Create webinar on Feb. 8, 2023. Register for the webinar, learn more about UL Create or request a demo on the UL Create website.


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