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UL Consumer Products Launches Verification Program and New Mark for Dietary Supplements Industry

April 10, 2015

UL Verification Mark is in response to growing industry need for third-party verification of marketing claims.

The vitamins and dietary supplements business has grown over the past 15 years to an $82 billion global industry. However, reports of adverse reactions, supplier failure to follow FDA-mandated good manufacturing practices, and questionable ingredient contents are eroding consumer and government confidence in the dietary supplements industry. In response, UL Consumer Products, a division of global safety science leader UL, announces the launch of its Verification Program for dietary supplements.

Sajeev Jesudas, President of the UL Consumer business unit states, “Consumers want to trust what is in the product they are taking; retailers require assurance that the products on their shelves are of the highest quality; and suppliers need to provide that trust and assurance. Recently, the dietary supplements industry has come under increased scrutiny. From a best practice perspective, an approach that drives transparency into industry quality assurance programs can help increase consumer knowledge, drive brand awareness and loyalty, and support bottom-line improvements. The UL Verification Program for dietary supplements is a major milestone for UL and a natural fit for an industry in transition.”

Clients who participate in the Verification Program and qualify based on the UL program guidelines may use UL’s new Verified Mark on their products, packaging, and promotional items. The UL Verified Mark provides third-party verification, demonstrating to consumers that the supplier is taking steps to lead in the industry by having their products evaluated against UL’s highest standards for quality and integrity. The UL Verified Mark confirms that the ingredients listed on the label are in the product.

“Extensive research revealed that a UL Verified Mark would be welcomed by the dietary supplements industry and many current UL clients have indicated they would place a high value on the opportunity to earn the UL Verified Mark,” says Michael O'Hara, General Manager of Global Nutraceuticals for UL. “Because UL plays such an important role in the marketplace as a safety certifier, the core of UL’s business, the new UL Dietary Supplements Verification Program is designed and intended to enhance our current safety certification programs.”

UL ClearView is the proprietary online Web application developed for the dietary supplements industry that provides quality assurance testing, audit, and regulatory data to help retailers and their vendors manage complex supply chains and differentiate their products. For more information, please visit