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UL Can Help You Achieve Faster General Coverage Sign Certification

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November 13, 2019

UL’s Electric Sign General Coverage Program allows approved manufacturers that custom build or mass produce electric signs to apply the UL Mark at their factories without having to submit samples of the complete signs for testing at UL. This option provides greater efficiency in the certification process, allowing manufacturers to apply the UL Mark to their signs more quickly.

The benefits and recognition afforded by the UL Mark appearing on electric signs are well recognized in the industry. Nevertheless, the initial step toward obtaining certification is often the hardest. Manufacturers are often unsure about what information they will need to provide in order to obtain a quote and how long it will take before they can qualify to apply the UL Mark.

Our new online registration process for general coverage signs makes the process painless and more efficient. This tool puts the submitter in control of the entire certification process. By answering a few simple questions in an online form, the submitter can receive an instant quote. Once the quote is accepted, the submitter can be well on their way to scheduling and receiving training.

Prospective UL sign shops can navigate the certification process almost entirely through an online portal. The submitter will receive email notifications updating them of next steps and their overall progress toward completion. Users don’t need to worry if the entire process could not be completed online. Their answers to the online portal questions will be captured along the way, so there will be no need to repeat information already provided.

The new online registration process for general coverage signs is available 24/7 and allows a prospective UL sign shop to apply the UL Mark to their compliant signs in as little as a few days. Sign-up today!