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UL Becomes Founding Partner of the International Science Reserve

UL joins forces with a global network of open communities of discovery to help mitigate complex and urgent global crises.

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April 25, 2022

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS — April 25, 2022 — UL, a global safety science leader, today announced it is joining the New York Academy of Sciences, along with IBM and Google, as a founding member of the International Science Reserve (ISR). ISR is a network of open scientific communities of discovery that brings together specialized resources from across the globe to prepare for and help mitigate complex and urgent global crises.

Harnessing its safety, scientific and sustainability expertise, UL will help lead  ISR to develop rapid solutions, accelerate innovation and support scientifically informed decision making to mitigate the impact of transnational crises.

“UL’s involvement in the International Science Reserve opens a new path for collaboration to help address some of the world’s largest challenges by leveraging our science-based expertise,” said Jennifer Scanlon, president and chief executive officer of UL, Inc. “We believe solutions to crises are best found through open knowledge exchange and collaboration. On behalf of everyone at UL, I am excited to bring our organization’s safety science expertise to the International Science Reserve as we continue working toward our mission of working for a safer world.”

UL Chief Scientist Robert Slone, will sit on the ISR executive board, overseeing the mission, policies and operations of the ISR. As the representative of the only third-party testing, inspection and certification organization on the executive board, Slone will bring UL’s strategic insights, scientific evidence and multidisciplinary understanding of major issues that will shape how the ISR plans to respond to emergencies such as weather, cybercrime, climate change or a pandemic.

“The International Science Reserve welcomes UL and is delighted about the expertise it will bring to help solve challenges brought on by global crises,” said Nicholas Dirks, Ph.D., president and CEO, New York Academy of Sciences and co-chair, ISR executive board. “UL’s safety science expertise will help the ISR to anticipate and to make the world better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.”

About the International Science Reserve

The International Science Reserve (ISR) is a network of open scientific communities, bringing together specialized resources from across the globe to prepare for and help mitigate complex and urgent global crises. We focus solely on preparing and mobilizing scientists to augment existing response organizations.  The New York Academy of Sciences is the coordinating hub of the ISR.

About UL

UL is a global safety science leader. We deliver testing, inspection and certification (TIC), training and advisory services, risk management solutions and essential business insights to help our customers, based in more than 100 countries, achieve their safety, security and sustainability goals. We believe our deep knowledge of products and intelligence across supply chains make us the partner of choice for customers with complex challenges. Discover more at


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