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UL awards the world’s first EN 62368-1 D Mark to Lite-On Technology

September 10, 2015

UL awarded the world’s first EN 62368-1 D Mark to Lite-On Technology’s photo coupler in May. The product also acquired Nordic Certification which is recognised by four northern European countries – Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.  This achievement marks Taiwan’s leading technology in the design and manufacture of electronic parts and products.  The acquisition of international accreditation will enhance Lite-On’s product differentiation and strengthen its competitiveness in the European markets.

IEC / EN / UL 62368-1 are new safety standards for audio/video, information and communication technology equipment which have been implemented in many countries worldwide. Many technology companies have been proactively preparing themselves in order to embrace this new global standard, despite the fact that the new standards will only universally replace the old ones in 2019. D Mark is a well known mark, highly trusted in the European market. That Lite-On’s product was tested to EN 62368-1 D Mark standard and accredited by an independent third party, UL-Demko (Denmark), adds to its credibility. This is also a testimony to Lite-On’s excellent product safety and quality.

“Photo coupler is the most important safety component in power supply products.  To meet customer requirements for the new standard in information, communication, audio and video products, we have been fully implementing the IEC/EN 62368-1 standard since 2014.  UL has been participating in developing the new standard for a long time and they have been very helpful in providing comprehensive services and assisting us in implementing IEC/EN 62368-1.  In addition, it also provides us with complete and rigorous test data, ensuring a seamless transition to the new safety standard for our products,” remarked Rex Chuang, President of Optoelectronics Product Solution SBG, Lite-On Technology Corp.

“In addition to assisting manufacturers in product evaluation and certification, we adopt a proactive approach to facilitate our clients to build a solid foundation for acquiring the new standard, making the transition from the old standard as smooth and painless as possible.  This is supported by our thorough understanding of the standard through long term participation in the development of IEC/EN 62368-1.  By leveraging our strength in technological knowhow and the concept of Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE), we help our clients achieve a win-win situation in product safety and functionalities,” said Barry Yu, General Manager (Greater China), Consumer Technology Division, UL.

This April, EN 62368-1 was listed as one of the standards associated with the Low Voltage Directive in the EU Official Journal.  This means that EN 62368-1 compliant power supply products will also meet the requirements under the Low Voltage Directive and thus are eligible for the CE Marking. In the stringent evaluation performed by UL, Lite-On’s photo couplers not only meet the testing requirements prescribed by EN 62368-1, but also pass UL’s additional 3D CT Scan – a solid proof of Lite-On’s quality and manufacturing capability that surpass industry standards.

UL is the world's first testing laboratory to qualify for IEC 62368-1 CB testing and has issued IEC 62368-1 certificates for individual products from leading technology companies around the world.  In the light of the enormous changes that are to be brought about by this new standard in audio/video, information and communication technology equipment, Lite-On Technology’s acquisition of the world’s first EN 62368-1 D Mark for its products ahead of others sets an example for its industry counterparts to follow.