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UL announces a new subassembly inspection solution that allows more flexibility in your supply chain and improved time to market

June 4, 2018

Manufacturers often deal with component parts coming from different locations, making supply chain management complicated.

UL announces a new solution to meet our customers’ need for more flexibility and optimization of their supply chain.  UL customers can now ship UL Certified products as subassembly parts from multiple locations directly to the end user.

This program is a great option for manufacturers who use different suppliers of subassemblies for their final products. Furniture manufacturers, like those providing adjustable tables or laboratory benches, where the legs or actuators may be sourced from one location and the top from a different location could benefit greatly from this solution.

Through our global network of field representatives, UL can assess and inspect subassemblies directly where they are manufactured. These subassemblies can be shipped directly to the final installation destination with no additional intermediate steps.

UL’s inspection solution offers immediate benefits and translates into improved time to market, and optimization of costs. As always, customers enjoy the integrity and trust for which UL is known.

To participate in this new program there are some specific requirements, including component description in the instruction manual, component identification, component markings and quality system verification.

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