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UL Announces New Recycled Plastics Program

October 10, 2013

NORTHBROOK, Ill., October 10, 2013 - UL (Underwriters Laboratories), announced today the launch of a new recycled plastics certification and validation program that enables resin manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability claims.

Through the Recycled Plastics Recognition program, Plastics producers can now demonstrate their recycled plastics are compliant to UL materials standards for use in end applications.  This program will help product manufacturers specify recycled materials with confidence, enabling them to create more sustainable products, and achieve their sustainability and business goals; as well as enabling end users to make smarter, more environmentally preferable purchasing decisions. 

The UL Recognition program for recycled plastics uses proven scientific analysis and testing to evaluate plastic compounds with post-consumer or post-industrial content for compliance to UL 746D (Standard for Safety for Polymeric Materials - Fabricated Parts).  This rigorous and innovative testing approach enables a recognized resin to have the same level of acceptability in an end-product application as a virgin compound. In essence, it allows for a resin which has been made with a certain percentage of recycled plastics to be substituted for a virgin plastic in end-use applications where compliance to UL 746C (Standard for Safety of Polymeric Materials - Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations) is required.

"UL has built a new framework by which Component Recognition of Recycled plastics is feasible, and we are providing plastic manufacturers a clear path to establishing certified recycled plastics for high performance applications, such as in electronics, automotive, medical, and photovoltaic products.  Through this expansion of our plastics program we are enabling our customers to confidently position high-performance sustainable materials in the market to differentiate themselves," said Todd Denison, Vice President and General Manager of the Chemicals Division. "It also reinforces UL's commitment to helping our customers provide safe and sustainable products to the global marketplace." Using established standards and by following rigorous validation testing processes UL is committed to working with industry stakeholders to increase the viability and availability of more sustainable and compliant products.

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