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UL and SASO Sign Agreement to Promote National Safety Standards and Enhance Market Access for Saudi Arabia

March 8, 2016

NORTHBROOK, Ill., March 8, 2016 — UL and the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) announced an agreement to promote the use of UL Standards for Safety in the ongoing development of national safety standards in Saudi Arabia via formalized consulting, communication and information exchange protocols.

The agreement provides SASO with full access to all UL standards, and encourages the translation, use, and adoption of UL standards within Saudi Arabia. In addition, the agreement encourages cooperation and collaboration by UL and SASO on standards development efforts.

UL and SASO had previously signed a standards agreement, but the agreement had lapsed in recent years. Signing the new agreement allows the efforts outlined in the previous agreement to continue, and encourages increased cooperation between the two bodies.

"UL is pleased to be working with SASO to continue to advance our global public safety mission by providing UL Standards for Safety within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Phil Piqueira, Vice President, UL Standards. “As the national standards body in Saudi Arabia, SASO officials reinforce the importance of cooperation on standards development. UL welcomes the opportunity to have a stronger standards presence in this important country."

SASO is accredited as the national standards writing organization in Saudi Arabia, and has begun the process of adopting UL standards for use within the country.