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UL Adds Toy Safety Testing in Gurgaon India Laboratory

October 16, 2013

Addressing the issue of toy safety has become a primary concern for the toy industry in India as a means to instill confidence in buyers; accreditation and quality-testing certifications definitely help.

Indian standards for toy safety are voluntary in nature and no license has been granted for this standard. Though Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has formulated an Indian standard prescribing safety requirements for toys relating to certain elements, it has not granted any certification license. So, the authorities in the country cannot enforce it against manufacturers of toys.

Amid these toy safety concerns, as well as low quality, toxic materials that may be used for toy production, UL has increased its presence in a growing toy industry, especially in India.

UL now provides testing services for toy manufacturers in its new Gurgaon laboratory, which serves as a benchmark for toy testing in India, helping to ensure products comply with international regulations and standards.