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UK Issues Brexit Guidance for Designated Toy Safety Standards

The UK government has published a new document in advance of Brexit to clarify designated standards for England, Wales and Scotland.

Child playing with plastic food and cutlery toys

December 28, 2020

After Brexit, the current EU Harmonized standards will be adopted by the U.K. as Designated Standards. The U.K. has issued a Guidance Document outlining the Designated Standards related to toy safety.

This notice confirms that the references to standards listed in Annex I to this notice are published for the purposes of regulation 3A of S.I. 2011/1881 and accordingly are designated pursuant to that regulation in relation to England, Wales and Scotland.

  • EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018 Safety of Toys - Part 1: Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014 Safety of Toys - Part 2: Flammability
  • EN 71-3:2019 Safety of Toys - Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements
  • EN 71-4:2013 Safety of Toys - Part 4: Experimental Sets for Chemistry and Related Activities
  • EN 71-5:2015 Safety of Toys - Part 5: Chemical Toys (Sets) Other Than Experimental Sets
  • EN 71-7:2014+A2:2018 Safety of Toys - Part 7: Finger Paints - Requirements and Test Methods
  • EN 71-8:2018 Safety of Toys - Part 8: Activity Toys for Domestic Use
  • EN 71-12:2013 Safety of Toys - Part 12: N-Nitrosamines and N-nitrosatable Substances
  • EN 71-13:2014 Safety of Toys - Part 13: Olfactory Board Games, Cosmetic Kits and Gustative Games
  • EN 71-14:2018 Safety of Toys - Part 14: Trampolines for Domestic Use
  • EN 62115:2005 Electric Toys - Safety 
    o    EN 62115:2005/A2:2011
    o    EN 62115:2005/A11:2012
    o    EN 62115:2005/A12:2015
    o    EN 62115:2005/A2:2011/AC:2011
    o    EN 62115:2005/A11:2012/AC:2013

Publication Date:

Dec. 9, 2020

Enforcement Date:

Jan. 1, 2021


Designated standards: toy safety


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