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Transitioning to Flammable Refrigerants? It’s Time to Review Your Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Evaluation

As an accredited Notified Body under Directive 2014/68/EU, UL evaluates and certifies pressure equipment and assemblies globally.


April 20, 2020

Recently, UL completed PED certification for Emerson's new line of Copeland™ compressors for flammable refrigerants, which will be marketed globally. The new line of fixed speed scroll compressors for commercial applications were designed for mildly flammable refrigerants (A2L) with lower global warming potential (GWP). With the PED certification handled by UL, the new compressor range is compliant for the European market.

For designers or manufacturers of HVAC/R components and equipment that are transitioning to flammable refrigerants, it’s time to review your Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) evaluation. PED, a mandatory European legislation, covers the design, manufacturing and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0.5 bar or 7.25 psig (pound-force per square inch).

The PED affects most pressure equipment and assemblies that will be placed on the market in the EEA (European Economic Area), along with HVAC/R components and equipment that use flammable refrigerants or carbon dioxide refrigerants now or in the future.

For HVAC/R products, the equipment and assemblies covered include:

  • Assemblies, such as air conditioners, chillers, hot water boilers, refrigeration cabinets
  • Main pressure parts, such as hermetic-compressors, receivers
  • Other pressure parts, such as evaporators, condensers, pipelines
  • Safety accessories, such as safety valves, safety bursting discs, controlled pressure safety release systems

UL, an accredited Notified Body under Directive 2014/68/EU, can evaluate and certify pressure equipment and assemblies globally. The conformity assessments are performed through various evaluation procedures that apply depending on the pressure equipment category and modules.

“Through our streamlined service portfolio, UL can deliver PED compliance around the world. This is crucial for global companies, like Emerson, that produce HVAC/R components and systems at several site locations. Understanding the needs and demands of the HVAC/R industry, UL is a leader in supporting customers in their transition to low GWP refrigerants and its compliance with required standards including PED,” said Nils Meinhardt, business development manager at UL.

For more information about UL’s PED solutions, please see our full-service details below or contact [email protected] or your local UL representative.

PED Services for HVAC/R Products

UL’s PED solutions, please see our full-service details.

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