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Taiwan, Water Efficiency, Mandatory Water Efficiency Labeling Requirement for Washing Machine

The Taiwan Water Resources Agency has mandated water efficiency labeling requirements for washing machines.


December 18, 2019

Written by: Chian Haw YONG, ASEAN Global Market Access Lead

The Taiwan Water Resources Agency mandated water efficiency labeling requirements for washing machines in 2018. Suppliers who are supplying washing machine products in Taiwan shall register their product with the agency and label their product accordingly.

Both front and top loading washing machines (impeller, agitator and drum types) are regulated according to JIS C9606 and evaluated under rated washing capacity, highest water level and standard wash mode for the maximum load. According to water consumption per wash load, the washing machines are graded and issued into gold or normal grade labels.


Water consumption grading:


top loading (litres/kg)

front loading (litres/kg)







Performance requirement:

Washing performance



Rinsing performance

> 1

Water extraction

> 45%

A local representative is required for applying and registering water labels. A test report issued by a TAF accredited test laboratory within three years shall be submitted for the application.

How UL can help

In-country testing at a TAF accredited laboratory is required for applying for the Taiwan Water Label. The same test report can be used for applying for the Taiwan Energy Label. UL has a global footprint in Taiwan to helps our customers manage testing projects in a TAF accredited test laboratory, eliminating language barrier and time zone issues. 

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