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Surendranathan of UL Solutions Named Business Leader of Color

Sreelatha Surendranathan, senior vice president and chief digital officer at UL Solutions, has been chosen as one of Chicago United’s Business Leaders of Color 2023.

Headshot of Sreelatha Surendranathan in red jacket.

January 11, 2024

UL Solutions is proud to announce that Sreelatha Surendranathan, senior vice president and chief digital officer, was selected as one of Chicago United’s Business Leaders of Color 2023. We are thrilled that Surendranathan was chosen as one of Chicago United’s Business Leaders of Color (BLC) following an intense, months-long review process.

Since 2003, Chicago United’s BLC publication has identified 470 influential, diverse and inclusive leaders in the Chicago business community. In 2023, 45 more individuals — including Surendranathan — joined this esteemed list. These diverse leaders are outstanding examples of individuals overcoming obstacles and biases to navigate the corporate landscape and ascend to leadership with boldness and confidence.

About Sreelatha Surendranathan

Surendranathan leads UL Solutions’ digital strategy to deliver compelling and integrated solutions and capabilities that expertly serve our customer’s current and future needs. She leverages her deep knowledge of the digital mindset and technology to help bring our organization into a digital economy.

In addition to technological advancement, I have always been invested in diversity, equity and equal opportunities irrespective of age, gender or social stratification,” Surendranathan said. “My values focus on celebrating the uniqueness of an individual, the dynamic force of a well-knit team, and the power of the leader’s voice to serve and guide the team. I believe in accountability to my group and the need to support and advocate for those that are responsible for my success."

Surendranathan noted that the people around her were critical to her professional success, stating that it’s essential to surround yourself with knowledgeable, experienced people.

I quickly learned the power of authenticity and the need to compete with no one but myself, each day driven by a need to bring my best self to the job,” Surendranathan stated in her profile for the BLC publication.

About Chicago United

Chicago United began as local business leaders gathered to discuss potential solutions to the economic difficulties and racial tensions negatively affecting many people in the late 1960s. The group continues advocating for inclusive leadership throughout the Chicago business community.

In her opening letter for this year’s publication, Tiffany Hamel Johnson, president and CEO of Chicago United, noted that highlighting the talented executives of color through the BLC distinction has positively impacted board diversity, corporate progress and corporate culture.

At UL Solutions — as part of our own goals toward broader diversity, equity and inclusion — we believe in recognizing leaders of color whenever possible. As Chicago United strives to create a stronger, more inclusive business environment throughout the region, we’re proud that the group appreciates the talents and abilities that make Surendranathan a leader at UL Solutions and beyond.