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Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. First to Obtain UL Safety Certification for its Redox Flow Battery

October 8, 2015

TOKYO, October 08, 2015 — UL Japan, a subsidiary of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science organization, announced that Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.’s redox flow battery had obtained certification to UL1973, the safety standard for large-scale stationary battery. It is the first UL1973 certification for redox flow battery.

Redox flow battery is used as a back-up power supply by electric utility companies and factories or commercial facilities. Redox flow battery is also utilized for rechargeable energy such as solar energy generation and wind turbines.

While the International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) plans to begin examination process on safety standard for big-scale stationary battery, UL has issued UL1973 as the safety standard for large-scale stationary battery including redox flow battery in 2013, to respond growing market demands for large energy storage and battery power. Driven by the wave of energy saving and carbon emissions reduction, the number of products with an emphasis on energy efficiency is rapidly increasing and the large energy storage industry is gaining growing importance worldwide.

Redox flow battery has a longer operating life because of less deterioration in charge-discharge cycle. It is capable of safe and stable energy storage by not using burnable material in main parts. Also it has scalability and is easy to increase storage capacity. Maintenance is easier because of the capability of monitoring accurate remaining battery levels. Given all these reasons, it is expected to be used in smart communities as it suits emergency power supplies in disaster, frequency regulation, and countermeasures against surplus energy.

“Large battery systems present unique safety considerations as they contain high levels of energy. UL works hand-in-hand with partners to better understand and address these considerations.” said Mr. Hidehiko Yamajo, VP, Managing Director of UL Japan. “By conducting research into large battery safety and providing standards and certifications that meet market demands, we help drive dissemination of safe energy storage and pursue realization of smart communities.”