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Streamline Your Meter Safety & Performance Testing

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March 26, 2018

Bring your meters to market quickly, easily and efficiently.

Gain access to the world’s markets with safety and performance testing of meters to the requirements of the United States, Asia, Australia, Europe and South Africa. UL is deeply involved with the creation of new standards for smart-meter technology and actively contributes to smart-meter panels globally. Our goal is to help bring safer meters that are optimized for performance to market quickly, easily and efficiently.

UL offers safety testing of electricity, water and gas meters to ensure they meet Accuracy Class Performance as well as Shock, Fire, Water Purity and Hazardous Location use requirements. UL empowers trust through safety science, and in fact created the first smart meter safety standard in the industry (UL 2735). We have since built on that success by working with industry to begin development of UL 2735C for Canada, and gaining international accreditation for IEC 62052-31.

Additionally, UL offers customized performance test programs in evaluating meters and their smart features – such as electronic measuring, wireless or remote reporting, and appliance controls. This will help your R&D team minimize failures and retests during design.

We also offer standards and lab training for manufacturers, users, and integrators of smart meters around the globe. UL is committed to working with manufacturers for testing and certification that helps make metering products safer.

Click here to learn how UL can help with your meter safety and performance testing.