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Stay Competitive With CE marking, UL-EU Mark and ENEC Mark

Understanding how to navigate the complexities of European market access for power distribution and industrial automation products can help speed up your time to market.

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April 8, 2019

With over 100 billion Euro worth of power distribution and industrial automation products being imported to Europe annually, expedient time to market is crucial to staying competitive. Understanding how to navigate complex European mandatory CE marking requirements, as well as voluntary certification programs, can help speed up your time to market.

The importance of the CE marking

From the French phrase, “Conformité Européene,” meaning European Conformity, the CE marking is the manufacturer’s key indicator that a product meets compliance requirements set by European Legislation.  By placing the CE marking on a product, you are declaring that the product complies with all applicable directives and regulations, enabling free movement and sale within the governed region.

There are two main benefits that the mandatory CE marking brings to businesses and consumers within the EEA:

  • Businesses know that products bearing the CE marking can be traded in the EEA without restrictions.
  • Consumers enjoy the same level of health, safety and environmental protection throughout the entire EEA.

Understanding the ENEC Mark

ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification) demonstrates that electrical products are compliant with European standards (EN). To help improve safety, European certification bodies in the electrical sector opened the ENEC Mark to all electrical product sectors.

Procedures for the ENEC Mark follow an ISO 17067 Type 5 certification scheme covering testing, certification and surveillance. Products bearing the ENEC Mark must visibly display the ENEC Mark and are subject to ongoing monitoring, including marketplace-based monitoring. An annual factory inspection of the production site is also required for continued use of the mark.  Testing must be completed in one of the global, independent ENEC-approved testing laboratories. This independent evaluation demonstrates that the product is safe and in accordance with ENEC Requirements. The ENEC Mark demonstrates compliance with the European standards and can be used by the manufacturer to show compliance with the relevant European directives, e.g., Low Voltage Directive.

Advantages of European access with the UL-EU Mark 

The UL-EU Mark is a voluntary pan- European certification mark. This mark covers all electrical and electronic products and components and indicates a product’s compliance with EN safety standards.  The UL-EU Mark offers manufacturers the chance to demonstrate their commitment to safety by going through the extra step to apply for this voluntary safety mark and differentiate their products in the market. To ease the certification process and improve market access, you have the opportunity to earn a transcontinental mark for Europe, Canada and the United States. The UL-EU Mark demonstrates compliances with the European standards and can also be used by the manufacturer to show compliance with the relevant European directives, e.g., Low Voltage Directive.

Recent test lab expansions:

UL continues to expand its testing capabilities in support of global market access. Recent expansion for European access include:

  • ENEC Test Lab in North America for connectors, fuses, terminal blocks, transformers and power supplies
  • ENEC Test Lab in Taiwan for appliance filters, surge protective devices, industrial power supplies, process control equipment and programmable logic controllers

As CB Scheme can also be utilized to enter European markets, learn more about our recently expanded CB Test Labs.

Knowledge resources:

Wanting to learn more about mandatory European CE marking?  Looking for a general overview of global access requirements?  Check out our upcoming training offerings.

Why choose UL to simplify the complexities of European access:

As a leader in safety science and standard development, UL has a global network of experienced professionals available to help you successfully implement mandatory CE marking requirements, as well as voluntary UL-EU and ENEC Mark safety scheme requirements.

  • Streamline market access with one evaluation for the UL-EU Mark, ENEC Mark and CE marking. One certification process helps to reduce costs.
  • Active leader in international committees of standards harmonization.
  • Trusted amongst surveillance authorities, consumers, manufacturers and retailers.
  • Leads and participates in initiatives that help protect consumers and support manufacturers against counterfeiting practices.
  • Independent third-party service provider with a trusted history of integrity and rigor.

Contact us for more information about our European market access offerings or to request a quote.

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