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Standards Corner - Appliance Advisor Issue 4 2020

Appliance Advisor Issue 4, 2020 Standards Corner latest updates.

People gathered and learning together

December 15, 2020

By Joe Musso, Standards Program Manager

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STP 82 – Electric Gardening Appliances – A new proposal for the Standard for Electric Motor-Operated Hand-Held Tools, Transportable Tools And Lawn And Garden Machinery – Safety – Part 4-1000: Particular Requirements For Utility Machines, UL 62841-4-1000, was circulated for ballot October 30, 2020, with ballots and comments due November 30. The proposal covers the allowance of electronically operated parking brakes.

A new proposal for the Standard for Electric Motor-Operated Hand-Held Tools, Transportable Tools And Lawn And Garden Machinery – Safety – Part 4-1: Particular Requirements For Chain Saws, UL 62841-4-1, was circulated for preliminary STP review October 16, 2020, with comments due November 16. The proposal has two topics, covering a correction to the longitudinal balance test method for top-handle saws and addition of a national difference to indicate that clause K.1 is not applicable for chain saws.

STP 130 – Electrically Heated Bedding and Pads – A new Supplement SA was published September 18, 2020, in the Standard for Electrically Heated Bedding, UL 964, which covers remotely operated (connected) bedding.

STP 471 – Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers – The second edition of the Standard for Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety - Part 2-89: Particular Requirements for Commercial Refrigerating Appliances with an Incorporated or Remote Refrigerant Unit or Compressor, was circulated to the STP and for public preliminary review closing July 24, 2020. A number of comments were received and have been reviewed by the technical harmonization committee. The proposed new edition is ready to move to ballot during Q4 2020.

STP 745 – Electric Tools – The first edition of the Standard for Electric Motor-Operated Hand Held Tools, Transportable Tools and Lawn and Garden Machinery – Safety – UL 62841-2-3, Particular Requirements for Hand-Held Grinders, Polishers, and Disc-Type Sanders was circulated to the STP for ballot August 21, 2020, with ballots and comments due October 5. The proposed standard reached consensus, with comments, which are currently under review by the technical harmonization committee.

STP 749 – Household Dishwashers – A call for new proposals concluded in early June 2020. A significant number (21) proposals were received, compiled and shared with the technical harmonization committee (THC). The THC initiated a series of meetings beginning in October to review and discuss the proposals in preparation for STP and public preliminary review.

STP 858 – Household Electric Ranges – A new THC has been formed to begin work on developing a binationally harmonized standard with CSA. Work has begun on development of the draft proposed new edition.

STP 859 – Electric Personal Grooming Appliances – Two new proposal topics were circulated for STP preliminary review October 1, 2020, with comments due October 29. The proposals covered lithium battery operated personal grooming appliances and USB power sources and outputs. Comments were received and are being reviewed in preparation for the STP ballot.

STP 982 – Motor-Operated Household Food Preparing Machines – A series of eight proposals were circulated for ballot during Q2 2020, covering the following topics:

  1. Rated capacity definition
  2. Intentionally defeating interlocks
  3. USB and automotive adapter powered appliances
  4. Food processor fill line marking
  5. Removal of max marking for multipurpose appliances
  6. Alternative to blender blade endurance test
  7. Wand-type mixer – aligning instructions with recent revisions to 72.1(c)
  8. Blender container position switch in place of marking of 72.3.3

Topics 1-7 reached consensus and will move to publication Q4 2020 with topic 8 moving to a task group for further consideration and development.

STP 1017 – Vacuum Cleaners, Blower Cleaners, and Household Floor Finishing Machines – This binational standard with Canada has been active in 2020. UL and CSA standards staff have worked together to review and prepare the proposed new (11th) edition of UL 1017 as developed by the THC. In parallel, the THC responsible for the new binational adoption of IEC 60335-2-2 meets on a monthly basis to continue the work of harmonizing UL 1017 with IEC 60335-2-2. Meetings will continue through Q4 2020 and into Q1 2021.

STP 2157 – Electric Clothes Washing Machines, Extractors and Dryers – The proposed new 6th edition of UL 2158 (clothes dryers) moved to STP ballot October 16, 2020, with ballots and comments due December 15.


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