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Standards Australia Releases Standard on the Safety of Toys

December 8, 2016

Standards Australia has released the standard ‘SA/SNZ TR 8124.8:2016 Safety of Toys - Age Determination Guidelines.’

The standard is an adoption of ISO/TR 8124-8:2016, which serves as a guidance for toys in determining the lowest age at which children start playing with toys in specific toy sub-categories and is primarily directed to manufacturers and agencies that evaluate the compliance of toys with safety standards. The document establishes the age ranges during which a typical child has developed certain abilities.

It does not cover specific safety requirements for toys, which instead can be found in the ISO 8124 series of toy safety standards (and in other regional toy safety standards and regulations).

It was released on November 7, 2016.

Source URL: SA/SNZ TR 8124.8:2016