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Stand Apart from the Crowd with UL Verification

May 17, 2018

In today’s complex and cluttered markets, claims of superiority and performance are often indistinguishable. UL’s Marketing Claim Verification service offers proof of product performance and helps cut through the noise to drive informed decisions.

Placing the exclusive Verification Mark on your product – and in advertising, packaging and promotions – tells your customers and end users that your claim is backed by deep technical knowledge. It sets your brand apart, instills confidence, provides peace of mind and drives business advantage.

Getting the UL Verification Mark takes three steps

  1. Request the service
  2. Undergo rigorous science-based assessment
  3. Have UL verify that the marketing claim is accurate

Here is an example of how one company, Powertron, a manufacturer of generator tap boxes, followed those three steps and received the Verification Mark for two marketing claims.

Powertron engineered a new trapped cable door safety option into the design of its generator tap boxes, making them easier to install and safer to operate during use. The trapped cable door is a standard feature on all UL Verified Powertron tap boxes. Tap boxes provide the ease of emergency power when the primary power sources go out. Now, Powertron has taken steps to differentiate its products further by working with UL to perform additional testing beyond the testing required for Powertron’s UL 1008 UL certifications for Canada and the U.S. By proactively investing in having its marketing claim Verified by UL, the company is helping to ensure the optimal performance of the tap box and security of the cables during use and when unattended.


PRODUCT 1: Trapped Cable Door

UL VERIFIED MARKETING CLAIM: Trapped cable door prevents cable disconnection by unauthorized personnel.


Powertron's tap box trapped cable door adds security to a temporary generator site. Currently, this patented feature can be found on 200A, 400A, 600A, and 800A wall mount models. The door’s design allows for easy cable hookup and prevents debris and rain from entering the enclosure during use. “The design is simple, very functional and our customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive,” says Dan Williams, production manager, Powertron.

“This UL Verification Mark shows that Powertron is going above-and-beyond to provide our customers with secure tap boxes,” says Adam Kerman, general manager of Powertron. “We have developed critical security and safety features for our tap boxes, and UL developed rigorous testing procedures to help verify that these features do what we say they do. In addition, their dynamic testing procedures also reviewed safety warning labels, owner’s manual, components and functionality. Not only was this process an incredible learning experience for our engineering team, it brought our engineering teams closer together which will pay off significantly for future growth initiatives.

“With the Powertron tap box trapped cable door feature, users can lock the doors and walk away knowing that this product was tested with security and performance in mind.”


VERIFIED PRODUCT 2: Phase Rotation Monitor

UL VERIFIED MARKETING CLAIM: Phase rotation monitor integrated in startup procedure 


The second feature on the Powertron generator tap box with a UL Verified marketing claim is the phase rotation monitor that visually alerts the user when there are connection issues between the tap box and mobile generator. LED lights provide real-time information so that the user can respond quickly to the situation. “Again, keeping safety and security in the front of our minds, we pioneered a product that integrates itself not only with the user but also provides performance checks for the installer during its initial installation,” says Kerman.

“As we move forward into 2018, we are taking an aggressive approach on manufacturing premier products with performance and feature claims verified by a trusted independent third party. As a result, the Powertron generator tap box is easy for the contractor to install and operate and is recognized as a credible option for your next project,” says Jeff Izenstark, senior vice president, Powertron.

Like Powertron, you too can capitalize on UL’s objective, science-based assessment process to confirm the accuracy of your marketing claim today and earn the trust of your customers. Visit the Inside UL blog to learn more about UL Verification Mark.



Click here to get started on your three-step path to verification.

About UL Verification Mark

All Verified marketing claims are included in the publicly available UL Verify Database, a tool searchable by buyers using manufacturer name, product name and unique identifier. With 91 percent of consumers personally verifying brand packaging claims by checking labels and searching for information on third-party sites, having UL verify a marketing claim is a good business decision.