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SCCS Concludes Two Cosmetic Ingredients are Unsafe

October 16, 2015

EUROPEAN UNION - The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has released its opinions on cosmetic ingredients deoxyarbutin and phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine, concluding that the chemicals are not safe for use.

Based on the safety assessment of deoxyarbutin at a concentration up to 3% in face creams, the Committee has concluded that the compound should not be used due to possible release of hydroquinone at levels that would make the cosmetic product unsafe, depending on storage and in-use conditions. Hydroquinone is banned under the EU cosmetics Regulation, with some exceptions for professional use.

However, phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine (UV filter S86) was assessed in sunscreen products in a concentration up to 10% and the Committee could not exclude the possibility that the substance may have genotoxic and phototoxic potential.

Comments on the opinions may be submitted until October 23, 2015.