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Saudi Arabia, SASO Quality Mark – SQM Mandatorily Required for Gas Appliances


July 16, 2018

By: Federico Picco / UL Saudi Regulatory Program Expert

As a result of the mandatory implementation of the SASO Technical Regulation for Gas Appliances and their Accessories, No. 04-03-16-156 surveillance on the market has now become strict.

Saudi Customs are blocking the shipments of gas appliances entering Saudi Arabia unless marked by the SASO Quality Mark (SQM), the mark approved by SASO indicating conformity of the product to Saudi Technical Regulation for Gas Appliances and their Accessories (04-03-16-156) and to Saudi standards.

Manufacturers of gas appliances are required to obtain the SASO Quality Mark license and apply the SQM logo on their products to be able to export to Saudi Arabia.

How UL can help

UL is expertly qualified to assist companies in demonstrating their gas appliances meet the essential requirements of Saudi legislation and can help customers interfacing with Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), as well as manage their application for the SQM.

In addition, UL laboratories are fully equipped and accredited to carry out tests and issue valid test reports according to SASO 167/2015 and SASO 168/2015.