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Saudi Arabia, SABER - SASO CoC Reintroduced

SASO Saudi Arabia

March 21, 2019

By Federico Picco - Saudi Regulatory Program Expert

The new SABER system introduced the January Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), which should have replaced the SASO Certificate of Conformity scheme, has been temporally suspended by SASO.

SASO announced that Conformity Assessment Bodies are once again allowed to issue the "old" SASO CoCs for product categories in scope of their accreditations.

Only gas appliances which fall under the scope of the “Technical Regulation for Gas Appliances and their Accessories” are mandatorily to be registered and certified (product certificate and shipment certificate) via the SABER system.

SASO also announced that products in the scopes of the following Technical Regulations will mandatorily require product certification and shipment certification via SABER system for Saudi Market Access, starting April 1st, 2019:

  1. Gulf Technical Regulations for Children's Play
  2. Gulf Technical Regulation for low voltage electrical equipment and equipment 
  3. Technical Regulations for Lubricating Oils

SASO still endorses the use of SABER system whenever possible, confirming that shipment certificates issued via SABER will be prioritized for customs clearance.

How UL can help

UL is authorized by SASO to issues SASO Certificates of Conformity.

UL has already 3 NCBs accredited in their SABER system: UL LLC (US), UL Demko (EU), UL CCIC (AP).

UL has Arabic speaking staff who are experts in SASO’s processes, on-line systems and requirements.