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Saudi Arabia, Energy Efficiency – New Standard for Motors

July 16, 2018

By: Federico Picco / UL Saudi Regulatory Program Expert

 Most recently, The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) published new Energy Efficiency (EE) standards for Saudi Arabia related to single speed, three-phase cage induction motors. This new standard is now based on IEC 60034-30-1: 2014, covers a wider scope and introduces the “exempted” category (motors that are included in the scope, i.e. will have to register in the SASO system, but are exempted from achieving the efficiency requirements.)

Category Current Standard New Standard New Standard Enforcement Date
Motors SASO 60034-30:2013 SASO 2893/2018 16th August, 2018



16th May, 2018 – New EE labels are required for the issuance of the SASO Certificate of Conformity. Manufacturers intending to ship products into Saudi Arabia must have them tested by a testing laboratory registered with SASO. The report and required documentation must then be submitted to register these products.

16th August, 2018 – Saudi customs will block the shipment of motors that do not comply with SASO 2893/2018.



UL continues to monitor the Saudi Energy Efficiency standards as test methods move toward finalization. In addition to providing testing and certification for appliances in accredited laboratories registered with SASO, we keep our customers aware of changes by becoming one trusted source of compliance information and supporting the registration process of products. UL is also a SASO Notified Body, allowing us to verify compliance, deliver the CoC and streamline customs clearance.