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Safety Testing is Paramount for the Future Advancement of Wearable Technology

August 3, 2015

The current worldwide market for wearable technology products is valued at over $8 billion (USD) and is expected to increase dramatically over the next several years, with some estimates exceeding more than $100 billion (USD) in annual sales by 2018. Today, wearable technology includes a wide range of consumer, healthcare and industrial applications, with the greatest predicted growth in smart watches, smart glasses and smart wristbands. These products enable users to quickly and easily capture, share and access real-time information from any location.

While the possibilities for the wearable technology market are seemingly limitless, industry leaders must understand the comprehensive and mandatory evaluation and testing considerations applicable to the components and materials used in their products. Also, since most wearable-tech products rely upon wireless technologies, privacy, data security and product performance will be of paramount importance as the industry continues to grow.

Manufacturers and distributors of wearable technology products can take a number of actions to streamline testing processes and facilitate product approvals in their markets. More information about the safety and performance considerations for wearable technology products as well as recommendations for manufacturers on achieving compliance for their wearable technology products is available at the UL Library.