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Safety Standards: Making India’s Healthcare Sector Safer and Future Ready!

March 3, 2017

UL's Jibu Mathew, Business Development Head for the SE Asia markets was featured in the January-March 2017 article in Innohealth titled "Safety Standards:  Making India's Healthcare Sector Safer and Future Ready."


Safety is omnipresent and intrinsic to the entire healthcare delivery spectrum and the entire medical fraternity must move towards an industry equilibrium. Medical devices are crucially linked to the growing demands of the healthcare chain which need a strong regulatory framework. This also means sourcing the right kind of equipment and devices from the right vendors and checking them for regulatory approval stamps from established certifying bodies. From Safety, performance testing and usability to non clinical testing, any medical device requires to be compliant to standards tests for evaluation before medical professionals can actually use them, which call for the role of third party conformity assessment bodies, testing labs to test devices and products to ensure safety and quality is maintained. What India needs is a set of gold standards in the medical devices industry while strengthening the basic device testing infrastructure.

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