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Remote Productivity in a New Work Climate

Maintain the safety and compliance of your healthcare products while working remotely

Effective time management

April 7, 2020

Engineering: Continuing safety and product testing in new work climate

Working from home has become a reality for many workers over the last few weeks. As we all try to adjust to this new way to work, there are a few standard tips we've all heard, such as:

  • Maintain regular hours
  • Create a dedicated workspace
  • Set ground rules for your area
  • Take breaks

These are all solid ideas to keep us productive in a home office, but how are our engineers and lab technicians filling customer requests and continuing to complete safety tests? We asked a few of those closest to medical device testing how they are keeping pace. Here are a few examples programs UL has put in place to keep projects moving:

Remote sample management program

UL has deployed a new and temporary set of special operating guidelines for remote management and handling of samples at an employee's home location. This change provides increased flexibility for us to continue meeting your business needs, both on turnaround time and service delivery.

Remote witnessing / Video conferencing

For testing and Follow-Up Services (FUS) inspections whether it be at a UL test laboratory or at a manufacturers facility, engineers and technicians can examine samples via video conferencing. This not only reduces human contact but also saves on time and shipping costs. Complete product and equipment reviews can also be offered via the same medium.

Virtual engineer and video witnessing test

UL will still have lab technicians working on-site. Through off-site video guidance, engineers can effectively collaborate with in-lab technicians for inspections and witness tests.

Document reviews

Engineers can remotely receive and review technical product drawing using 1:1 Printed Wiring Board (PWB) trace layout renderings. This allows for accurate analysis based on scale depictions of equipment.

Construction Rooms

UL's Melville facility has set-up construction rooms for preliminary reviews. The strictly monitored rooms contain dedicated equipment for isolated review work. Each room is subject to thorough sanitation and inspection between each use and adheres to tight scheduling.

As a safety organization, We have made some adjustments to our normal operating procedures to comply with these orders and to help protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities.