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Recyclability and Destination to Separate Waste Collection – “Triman” Logo

February 17, 2015

A decree requiring the affixing of the environmental logo “Triman” (Décret du 23 décembre 2014 no 2014-1577 relatif à la signalétique Common des produits recyclables here relevent d'une consigne de tri) has been published in the French Official Journal; such Decree implements a previous amendment to the French Environmental Code.

This regulation, in force from January 1, 2015, requires that all products with a recyclability claim and placed on the French market are subject to a separate waste collection in accordance with the French "Responsabilité élargie du Producteur" (REP) system.

Products must be marked with the “Triman” logo, the common symbol required by the Decree. This symbol may be placed on the product, packaging, instructions for use, or other media, including the company website. The French authority ADEME has published guidelines on the requirements.

Products that may fall within regulation include, but are not limited to: packaging, apparel and textiles, household linens, footwear, and paper products. Packaging made of glass and products for professional use are excluded.