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Portugal Publishes, Cancels Standards on Textiles

May 13, 2016

The Insituto Português da Qualidade (IPQ) has announced the publication and cancellation of several standards intended for textiles and included in the latest monthly publication of IPQ's Regulatory Documents, dated April 15, 2016.
Published standards include:

NP EN 1103:2016 Textiles-Woven Fabrics for Clothing-Procedure Detailed to Determine Behavior to Fire April 4, 2016
NP EN 13402-3:2016 Description of the Sizes of Clothing-Part 3: Measurements and Intervals April 4, 2016
NP EN 14533:2016 Textiles and Textiles Products-Behavior to the Fire of Articles of Bed-Diagram Classification April 4, 2016
NP EN 12803:2016, NP ISO 22654:2016 Footwear-Test Methods for Solas-Tension and Stretching in the Tensile Strength April 4, 2016
NP EN 16315:2016 Textiles-Silk Fabrics for Clothing Female, Handkerchiefs, Scarves and Silk Neckties-Requirements and Test Methods April 4, 2016

The following are the standards which have been cancelled:

NP EN ISO 13935-2:2001 Textiles-Traction Properties of Seamless Tubes in Tissues and Made Articles-Part 2: Determination of the Maximum Force to the Rupture of the Seam by Grab Method (ISO 13935-2:1999) March 15, 2016
NP EN ISO 13934-2:2001 Textiles-Traction Properties of Tissues -Part 2: Determination of the Maximum Force by Grab Method (ISO 13934-2:1999) March 15, 2016
NP EN ISO 13935-1:2001 Textiles - Traction Properties of Seamless Tubes of Tissues and Made Articles - Part 1: Determination of the Maximum Force to the Rupture of the Seam by the Method of Strip (ISO 13935-1:1999) March 15, 2016
NP ISO 6938:2013 Textiles-Natural Fibers-Generic Names and Definitions April 1, 2016

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