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Part 4: Are You Ready for Your Testing and Certification Process?

Understand the process after requested project information and representative samples have been provided

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April 8, 2021

Welcome to UL’s fourth installment of “Are You Ready for Your Testing and Certification Process?” where we discuss ways to make your testing and certification process easier.

In our last article, we discussed the steps leading up to testing. While completing the initial review and testing is the two largest parts of the project, we still have a couple steps to complete. The following represent the final steps of the project. 

Finalization of report  

After testing is complete, the project handler will work on finishing the report. Closing all open items noted in the initial review is important to getting the project completed. In order to prevent issues after project completion, customer understanding of the report before review is critical. If time is limited, you must review the critical component list provided by the handler. If the project includes the UL Mark, the critical component list is used for during the surveillance visits to confirm the construction has not changed since the preliminary investigation for certification. Additionally, you need to let the project handler know what should be done with the samples after testing (either shipped back to you, picked up by you or destroyed). Sample return will be delayed until after the final review noted below.  


After all items are completed, the certification records will be sent to a reviewer. All reports need to be reviewed by another technical expert to ensure the evaluation results are complete and fulfill the applicable requirements. During this time, you can monitor the status of the project with your project handler who will keep you up to date. After the review and certification decision are complete, the requested deliverable will be provided. 

IECEE CB Scheme report review 

If part of the deliverable was a CB Scheme report and certificate, the reports will be sent for additional review in order to issue the CB Certificate. After this review is completed, the CB report and CB certificate are issued. 

Publishing of UL Mark Report and CB Test Report

The final versions are uploaded to UL’s client portal. myUL®, and are available for download. After you download a copy of the report, you should review the contents. If you note any issues or have questions on the content, please contact the project handler. 

Ensuring continued compliance

All devices undergo changes as time goes on. As changes are made to the product, you should review the report to determine if it needs to be revised. If an update is needed, or if you have questions, please contact your sales representative or project handler for guidance.   


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