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Our Transforming Energy Infrastructure

Energy storage systems are a critical part of our future energy development

Battery energy storage

May 13, 2019

Energy storage systems (ESS) are helping the world recognize the benefit of renewable energy, and the smart grids required to support these new energy sources. These systems vary in size, from grid scale to consumer applications, and the energy storage mechanisms can vary, as well. However, most private ESS use battery systems, known often as BESS, and in his article for IAEI Magazine, UL’s Ken Boyce, Principal Engineer Director of UL’s Energy and Power Technology division, examines the efforts to keep these systems safe and ready for the future.

With this focus on safety, Boyce looks at code developments, fire safety, and the future of ESS. More specifically, he looks at UL 9540, Standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment, and UL 1793, Standard for Safety for Batteries for Use in Light Electric Rail (LER) Applications and Stationary Applications, and how these binational Standards for both the United States and Canada continue to evolve to help the market.

For an in-depth look at the importance of ESS and the safe operation of these systems, read Boyce’s article, “Energy Everywhere,” in IAEI Magazine.

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