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NMX-J-588-ANCE-2017: Seasonal and holiday decorative products: Safety requirements

November 8, 2017

On August 9th, 2017, it was published in the Official Gazette the new NMX-J-588-ANCE-2017 standard for Seasonal and holiday decorative products: Safety requirements , that will be enforced 90 days after its publications (November 7th, 2017). This new standard replace the old applicable requirements stated on the NMX-J-521/1-ANCE-2012 standard for Household and similar electrical appliances: Safety requirements.

Safety requirements for electrical decorative items for seasonal and holiday use, along with their accessories, whose rated voltage is not greater than 250 V.

Examples of season products include but are not limited to the following:

a) Lighting chains;
b) Inflatable decorative figures;
c) Illuminated structures;
d) Illuminated tubes integrated with a lighting chain;
e) Decorative figures;
f) Ornaments that integrate LED chains or similarly illuminated ornaments; and
g) Trees with lighting chains or optical fiber.

This Mexican Standard does not apply to:

a) Nightlights with seasonal decorations;
b) Lights, lamps or portable flashlights powered by batteries;
c) Figures, tubes or strips without decorative purposes and intended for illumination only, whether in a fixed or mobile display;
d) Other decorative items that have a particular Mexican Standard regarding their safety; and
e) Luminaires with seasonal decorations (see NMX-J-307-ANCE-2011).
f) Chains utilizing threaded lampholders with a rating greater than the intermediate type that are sold without lamps.

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