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New York State Assembly Passes Toxic Children’s Product Bill

May 19, 2015

New York State Assembly Bill No. A05612 amends the environmental conservation law in relation to regulation of toxic chemicals in children's products.

The Bill will require children’s product manufacturers to disclose the use of “priority chemicals”, which are chemicals on the list stated in this legislation or determined by Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) that shall not be permitted after 2018. These include:

  • Tris (1, 3 dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (CAS No. 13674-87-8)
  • Benzene (CAS No. 71-43-2)
  • Lead and Compounds (Inorganic) (CAS No. 7439-92-1)
  • Mercury and Mercury Compounds (CAS No. 7439-97-6)
  • Antimony and Antimony Compounds (CAS No. 7440-36-0)
  • Formaldehyde (CAS No. 50-00-0)
  • Asbestos (CAS No. 1332-21-4)
  • Arsenic and Arsenic Compounds (CAS No. 7440-38-2)
  • Cadmium (CAS No. 7440-43-9)
  • Cobalt and Cobalt Compounds (CAS No. 7440-48-4)This act shall take effect on the 120th day after its enactment.

The legislation is modeled after previously adopted chemical policies in Washington, California and Maine.