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New Hazardous Location Training from Trainor, UL Solutions

Trainor’s new e-learning courses for explosive equipment and hazardous locations are available through UL Solutions.

Engineer in hard hat and safety vest talking on radio in front of project site at sunrise.

November 21, 2022

As part of UL Solutions’ efforts to promote safer working environments, the company recently partnered with Trainor to provide new training offerings to businesses specializing in equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres or hazardous locations. Trainor, a global education technology (EdTech) company specializing in safety training, created high-quality e-learning courses for personnel working with explosive equipment (Ex) or in potentially hazardous environments. These courses are offered in an online learning management system (LMS) available through UL Knowledge Solutions.

These new online trainings provide a refreshed offering for businesses installing or maintaining explosive equipment. They are based on the International Electrotechnical Commission Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx) and ATEX, the European directives for controlling explosive atmospheres. Traditionally, training for these standards has been in non-video platforms, utilizing stationary graphics and onscreen text to walk users through relevant scenarios. With a background in developing e-learning, Trainor provides highly-designed content using video game-style graphics and audio to demonstrate relevant situations clearly.

These e-learning courses depict equipment, locations and potential hazards realistically while appealing to the industry’s changing workforce. As new, less-experienced employees start, this training style offers clear visuals of situations they will encounter on the job. The lifelike animations, alongside traditional content, are an effective way for UL Solutions and Trainor to meet the needs of the changing personnel in this market.

The nine courses currently available are:

  • IECEx and ATEX marking of electrical equipment.
  • IECEx marking of electrical equipment.
  • IEC/ISO and ATEX marking of mechanical equipment.
  • IEC/ISO marking of mechanical equipment.
  • Safe behavior in hazardous areas.
  • Ex fundamentals for electrical personnel — Europe.
  • Ex fundamentals for electrical personnel — International.
  • Ex fundamentals for mechanical personnel — Europe.
  • Ex fundamentals for mechanical personnel — International.

The e-learning courses are available through the UL Solutions Ex-Equipment Markings E-learning Courses page or the LMS page. Each course page has introductory text describing the course subject, the course participants' goal, the target group, and essential information, such as required prior knowledge and applicable standards.

Safety in hazardous locations is a must. This partnership between UL Solutions and Trainor is a logical next step in helping those who work in potentially explosive atmospheres and with related equipment, providing them with high-quality, lifelike training to prepare them for this work. Contact UL Solutions to learn more about the e-learning courses or our hazardous location services.