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New ENERGY STAR® Specifications for Downlights

Learn more about the recent publication of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Downlights V1.0 Specification for ENERGY STAR®.

Spotlights recessed LED lamps.

January 11, 2024

In March of 2023, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the sunsetting of the ENERGY STAR® specifications for lamps and luminaires, which will be effective Dec. 31, 2024. In response to industry feedback, the EPA created a new specification for downlights, which was released on Nov. 16, 2023.

The new guidance, titled Downlights V1.0 Specification, calls for increased efficacy requirements to 82 lumens per watt and may require additional testing to meet compliance. Certified downlights that meet the new requirements can be submitted immediately for recertification without retesting.

The new specification revises the family grouping requirements to focus on the model with the highest efficacy and highest input power. Measurements are based on LM-79 testing requirements and other industry standard test criteria.

The scope of Downlights V1.0 Specification

Certification is limited to downlights and recessed downlight retrofit kits below a total input power of 150 watts intended to be connected directly to the electric power grid. See Appendix A within the Downlights V1.0 Specification for illustrations and full details on the scope.

Products affected by the new specification

  • Built-in with integral LED module(s) and apertures that are ten (10) inches or smaller that:
    • Are intended by the manufacturer to be:
      • Fully or partly recessed into the ceiling, or
      • Surface-mounted to the ceiling, or
      • Mounted to a wall lighting downward, or
    • Come with a cord, chain, tube, etc., that permits it to be suspended from a ceiling or wall support.
  • Recessed downlight retrofit kits with built-in or integral LED modules and an aperture of no more than ten (10) inches.

The full scope of affected product types is available at

UL Solutions can help

UL Solutions can review your current downlight listings to be sure they meet the new requirements or start a new quote. Leverage our dedicated laboratory staff and their expertise in this lighting product category to help meet the new specifications quickly.


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