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MFDS Issues Revision on Food Standards and Specifications

June 16, 2015

The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) has issued a set of amendments for food standards and specifications. The main revisions presented in the draft include:

  • Requirements for food raw materials to be included in “the Food Code”
  • Revision or addition of the MRLs for pesticides after reviewing the expansion of application scope of pesticides in “the Pesticide Management Act”. 32 pesticide
  • Expansion of the application scope of lythidathion to ginseng and addition of its MRL requirements
  • Revision of MRLs for pesticides applied to livestock feed
  • Removal of the MRL of cypermethrin for pesticide while adding the MRL of cypermethrin as a veterinary drug
  • Changes of the designated application scope for five veterinary drugs including novobiocin, ormetoprim, oxolinic acid, oleandomycin and zoalene from “meat” to “muscle”
  • Addition of analytical methods for four pesticide residue including Ipfencarbazone, tefuryltrione, triafamone and imazapyr to general experimental methods
  • Addition of physical and chemical methods for the qualitative determination of veterinary drugs
  • Revision of the quantitative determination methods for aminoglycosides including gentamicin, penicillin including amoxicillin in foods as well as tetracyclines in honey products

The revision is articulated in a draft released for immediate promulgation.